Relationships. Experience. Strategy. = Strong returns, longevity and opportunity.

RHG is a real estate purchaser and capital partner for a variety of property types.


Royal Properties Group is a private equity firm with over 108 million in real estate holdings. We are focsed on Multi-family buildings , hotels , and strip centers. Our properties ( areas including Florida, Ohio, PA, KY, Pakistan, etc).

What Differentiates Us, We Add Value Where Our Competitors Don’t.

The company’s experience and reputation in the industry make it privy to the most profitable – off-market opportunities – enabling them to acquire outstanding properties at a competitive basis and significantly below replacement cost. This strategy has consistently delivered strong immediate returns in addition to providing significant upside potential.

Our mission is to locate discounted properties in emerging real estate markets with value add and one that we can have a positive impact on the community.

Our assets and cash flow allow for longer hold periods greater returns, and reduced fees while taking advantage of economies of scale.

With over 32 years of experience in successful real estate ventures with numerous financial and market professionals on the ground this givesus an edge over other real estate investment firms.

Risk mitigation : Experience, deal setup, joint ventures.